Aovx Team building
In the larger context of worldwide's Covid-19, We believe the tough times don’t last. We take great pride in getting together and celebrating each moment as a wonderful team during our Friday activity sessions.
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For field assets tracking
Our client Vitor said,“If my generator or backhoe isn’t where it’s supposed to be and I need to find it, it only takes two clicks for me to track my machines down.”
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Aovx understands the importance of temperature and humidity monitoring management
As a recognized pioneer and innovator in asset tracking, Aovx masters unique technical, Our cold chain tracking products are ideal for ultra-long distance transport with long-life battery performance.
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No war
The Russia-Ukraine conflict effects of war are widely spread and can be long-term or short-term.Civilians suffer in times of war, and women and children suffer unspeakable atrocities, in particular, it creates extensive emotional and psychological stress.
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Today is International Women's Day and we are called on to #breakthebias
Aovx is proud to work alongside many capable our part to build a gender-equal world – free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.
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How to confidently ship COVID-19 vaccines using cold chain logistics visibility?
To ensure patient safety, the pharma verified the condition of stock at various points in the supply chain.However, the lack of real-time supply and condition data led to overstocking to maximize inventory availability of saleable stock.
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Ask for quote = 0 USD cost data plan + 1 PCS tracker device + 100 countries network
Now cold-chain transport is popular and potential, Why are the industry leaders looking for a better cross-border cold chain transportation solution, learn their pain points first!
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MWC Barcelona! #MWC22
We are excited to announce our attendance at the world's most influential connectivity event, MWC Barcelona! #MWC22
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How to track the ready-made meals shipping? Try the Aovx tracker solutions !
Nowadays, With the change of lifestyle in modern society, the demand for convenient food is increasing, especially young people prefer ready-made meals because this helps young people save a lot of time.
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