•   118.5mm*78.5mm*35.5mm
•   Network: Global 4G LTE Cat.1/BLE 5.0

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Main advantage

    orking with BLE Sensors,trailer tracker, longlife battery,remote control oil and electricity cut off/power on.Can be powerd by solar.


VL350 has integrated base station positioning, GPS, Beidou WiFi and other positioning technologies, which are mainly used in trailer remote management, including trailer tracking and ACC ignition monitoring. remote oil and power cut-off function.And the long life battery can be powerd by solar and report even the trail is in flameout state.

product description

AOVX_Trailer Tracker_VX350_Quick Start V1.1
AOVX _Trailer Tracker_VX350_Specification_V1.2


What's the benefits for triode differential amplifier circuit in Aovx assets tracker device ?
In Aovx's asset monitoring device, Triode are often used. In the previous discussion, the types and functions of Triode were also introduced.
The triode current source circuit will impact the Aovx tracker functions? find out what happened.
The triode current source is rarely used in our usual circuit design, and is generally used in integrated circuits such as integrated operational amplifiers. Before we discuss, we need to know some important characteristics of triode current sources:
Do you know how does Triode switch circuit work at the Aovx tracker device? Check it out !
As one of the most commonly used basic components, the triode is mainly used in aovx equipment to amplify current and control circuits. In the sharing of previous issues, we introduced a lot of knowledge about triodes, which shows the importance of triode

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