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Environmental monitoring terminal G series solution-cold chain drug transportation
20 October,2021

As an indispensable medical material in people's lives, the quality and safety of drugs are very important to our lives and health. Every link from drug research and development, experimentation, production, storage, and sales must be strictly checked. Once a mistake occurs, it may cause irreparable life danger to others. Especially in the process of drug transportation, since my country's cold chain transportation system needs to be improved, the number of professional cold chain vehicles is not enough to meet market demand. Therefore, it must be strictly controlled in the process of drug transportation.

The main disadvantages of the current cold chain transportation of drugs:

1- The cold chain car cannot maintain a continuous low temperature

Common drugs that require cold chain transportation include antibiotics, vitamins, insulin, anti-tumor drugs, and nervous system drugs. These drugs are generally required to be stored and circulated under low temperature conditions of 2°C-8°C to avoid drug failure or deterioration. However, at present, transportation companies are required to use intermittent power supply in order to save costs or to consider the safety of cold chain vehicles. During the transportation process, the deterioration of the medicine cannot be noticed.

2- The transportation of the vehicle is not in good condition, resulting in damage to the drug

For drugs of different dosage forms, special packaging is required during the transportation and distribution process to avoid damage to the drugs resulting in contamination. For example, anti-cancer chemotherapy products have strong toxicity and radioactivity. If during the transportation, the vehicle is in poor transportation condition, and often sharp turns, sudden braking and other behaviors cause the medicine to break, it will cause greater harm to the transportation personnel and the surrounding environment.

3- Lack of real-time monitoring of high-value drugs
In addition, for some high-value drugs, lack of real-time monitoring during transportation can easily be stolen by criminals, causing greater economic losses to hospitals or medical institutions. At the same time, there are also greater difficulties in the later recovery of drugs.
Cargo Guard G series

Cargo Guard Cargo Monitoring Label G series is an intelligent hardware terminal, which is used to monitor the whole circulation link of goods in warehouse, transportation and delivery. Cargo Guard G series integrates CAT.M1/NBIOT/4G, GPS, Bluetooth BLE and a variety of sensors, which can monitor cargo location information and status parameters (temperature and humidity/vibration/abnormal unpacking, etc.) in real time and realize abnormal location and status Automatic alarm response. At the same time, data such as cargo status parameters and in-transit transportation routes are uploaded to the cloud in real time, and visualized cargo transportation scheduling and analysis management are realized through the cloud platform, which improves transportation efficiency and reduces risks and costs.

Solution advantages:
The cold chain transportation of drugs requires a systematic process, which not only relies on a management system, but also needs to combine modern technology to provide guarantee for cold chain transportation. For example, before the temperature and humidity abnormalities occur in cold chain transportation, there is a lack of early warning mechanism, and refrigeration operations are not started in advance before drug transportation. Yunxi environmental monitoring equipment can turn on the temperature and humidity monitoring function for the cold chain vehicle throughout the whole process, and at the same time, the manager can set the temperature threshold when the temperature is abnormal. Start the early warning system. During transportation, it can also monitor whether the cold machine is shut down, etc., to provide protection for the entire cold chain transportation.

1- Full temperature monitoring function

During the transportation of drugs, the drug receiver can install environmental monitoring equipment to achieve the function of monitoring the temperature of the cold chain vehicle throughout the process. Including before and during the transportation of the drug. The drug recipient can activate the early warning mechanism by setting the transportation temperature threshold. Once the temperature reaches the threshold, the system will automatically alarm to remind the manager to contact the transportation company to adjust the temperature in time.

2- Vehicle condition monitoring function

For vehicles in the process of driving, there are often sharp turns, sudden braking and other behaviors, resulting in damage to the cargo. For the transportation of drugs, many drugs are packaged in glass and have relatively large radioactivity, and this issue needs to be paid more attention to. Environmental monitoring equipment can monitor the state of the vehicle, first confirm the best transportation route in advance, and confirm the status of the medicine in time when the vehicle encounters collisions, vibrations, etc., to avoid pollution to other medicines.

3- Remove the alarm function

The person in charge only needs to install the environmental monitoring equipment inside the outer box of the medicine. When the outer box is opened, the light sensor of the device will be triggered to trigger the alarm system. Based on this information, cloud management personnel can confirm the status of the drug in time to avoid the theft of the drug.

4-Cloud visualized background to help improve management efficiency
The cloud background can accept simultaneous logins from mobile phones and computers, helping users to check the status of drugs anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the administrator can also control the drug flow by adding accounts with different permissions, which is convenient and efficient.

Environmental monitoring equipment is not only suitable for the transportation process of drugs, but also suitable for providing intelligent transportation solutions for various industries such as fruits and vegetables, fresh food, and flowers.
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