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Asset Monitoring Terminal A Series Solution--Vehicle Mortgage
20 October,2021
As people's living standards and consumption concepts change, more and more people are planning to buy a car. There are two main ways to buy a car, buying a car with a loan and buying a car in full. For users with insufficient capital budget, using a loan to buy a car is also a good choice. Loans to buy a car can not only ease the financial pressure of car buyers, but also increase the bank's lending business. However, when a user buys a car with a loan, if the car lacks real-time tracking and monitoring, there will be greater disadvantages for both the lender and the lender of the car loan.
The main disadvantages of mortgage vehicles:
1- Borrowers cannot monitor vehicle assets in real time
For banks, when car buyers are using the vehicle, they fail to repay the loan in time as required. The bank's assets will suffer losses in the lending process. At the same time, the bank lacks real-time tracking of the vehicle. When the bank cannot contact the user of the car, it cannot know the specific location of the vehicle in real time, which will affect the efficiency of the bank's borrower's asset recovery.

2- It is difficult to retrieve the lender's vehicle after it is stolen
In the process of using the vehicle by the car buyer, once the vehicle is stolen, it is difficult for the car owner to retrieve the car in time, which will also cause greater economic losses for the car buyer.

Whether it is the lender's bank or the lender's car user, it is necessary to monitor the vehicle in real time to avoid economic losses. In addition to strengthening precautions, both borrowers and lenders can also use modern smart equipment to assist in vehicle monitoring. As the basis of IoT communication technology, the main function of cloud interest asset monitoring equipment is to use real-time positioning function, early warning function, and vehicle status monitoring. It can not only help borrowers monitor vehicle assets in real time, and prevent borrowers from failing to fulfill the repayment agreement as required. , Can also help lenders to avoid vehicle theft.

Cargo Guard A Series

Using CatM.1/NB-IoT/EGPRS network, and using multiple positioning methods of WIFI/GNSS/LBS, the positioning accuracy can reach 20 meters @ WIFI, <10 meters @ GNSS, and only magnet adsorption/rivets are required during use. At the same time, the device has IP67 grade waterproof function, working temperature: -20℃-+70℃, which can help users use it in a variety of environments.

Solution advantages:
1- Real-time positioning function
The asset monitoring equipment can locate the location of the vehicle in real time, and no lender can monitor the vehicle through this function. When the borrower refuses to repay the loan, the bank can log in to the cloud backend to learn the real-time location of the vehicle. Avoid loss of assets. At the same time, as a lender of vehicle users, in the case of vehicle loss, if the vehicle is equipped with asset monitoring equipment, it can apply to the bank to confirm the location of the vehicle.
2-Alarm function
The asset tracking device also has an early warning function. When the vehicle encounters an abnormal collision during use, the motion sensor will automatically transmit the alarm information to the cloud backend to help the bank understand the specific situation of the vehicle. At the same time, the asset monitoring device also has a dismantling alarm function. When the device is maliciously dismantled, the cloud background will also receive the alarm message. The lender's bank knows the specific location of the vehicle at any time through the asset tracking device, which can effectively avoid the hidden danger of asset damage.

Asset tracking equipment can not only be applied to the monitoring of loan mortgage vehicles, but also widely used in cargo transportation to help users monitor the real-time location and status of assets during transportation. For example: transportation of valuables, cross-border long-distance transportation, etc., to provide new solutions for users' asset protection.
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