AOVX devices are now supported on the flespi platform
Flespi is a telematics and IoT platform offering a universal API to consume telemetry data from a variety of GPS tracking devices in a standardized JSON format. Flespi also serves as a one-stop device management solution that allows changing GPS tracker c
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AOVX devices are now integrated with GPS-Trace!
GPS-Trace is a personal monitoring platform based on the Flespi telematics backend.GPS-Trace platform combines simplicity, cross-platform design and intuitiveness with rich functionality and flexibility. 185 000 users, 202 000 units, 100+ partners around
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So excited! Aovx's device integrates into the ultimate GPS tracker platform Wialon of Gurtam
As you know a good visualized supply chain management solution, except the high-quality hardware, maturity platform software was also a key part of our success. These days, Aovx overseas team integrated the Aovx hardware device into the Wialon platform, w
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One of the indispensable partners of Aovx---Redgps
On June 27, 2022, the RedGPS Telematics Summit was held in Mexico City. Throughout the day, we meet with our customers, partners, partners, hardware manufacturers and track company leaders for a full day of discussions on new technologies, solutions and s
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Aovx united Links Field to realize the global network connection of asset monitoring device
The realization of this function is largely due to the Links Field's multi-form and multi-specification SIM card. The main working principle of the SIM card is to connect the hardware terminal to the operator's network through its own written operator dat
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What's the benefits for triode differential amplifier circuit in Aovx assets tracker device ?
In Aovx's asset monitoring device, Triode are often used. In the previous discussion, the types and functions of Triode were also introduced.
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The triode current source circuit will impact the Aovx tracker functions? find out what happened.
The triode current source is rarely used in our usual circuit design, and is generally used in integrated circuits such as integrated operational amplifiers. Before we discuss, we need to know some important characteristics of triode current sources:
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Do you know how does Triode switch circuit work at the Aovx tracker device? Check it out !
As one of the most commonly used basic components, the triode is mainly used in aovx equipment to amplify current and control circuits. In the sharing of previous issues, we introduced a lot of knowledge about triodes, which shows the importance of triode
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researching assets tracker? Learn the characteristics and working conditions of the triode firstly!
In this hardware knowledge workshop, our engineers continued to analyze the triode, which was the topic of the previous week.The triode plays a very important role in our tracking device, mainly as a switch controlled by the device signal.
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