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Asset Monitoring Terminal V Series Solution---Car Rental
20 October,2021
By admin
Background status:

With the continuous diversification of people's travel modes, more and more users choose to rent a car. Car rental can not only reduce the cost of maintaining a car, but also improve the utilization rate of funds, and use the money to make other investments to obtain income. At the same time, most urban transportation networks are developed, the utilization rate of daily vehicles is not high, but there is a large demand for vehicles on holidays, It can facilitate users' travel or long-distance family visits, and the scale of the car rental market is gradually expanding.

Main disadvantages of car rental market:

1 - some tenants failed to return the car on time according to the contract

In the process of car rental, the car rental company will sign the rental contract with the tenant, and the tenant needs to return the vehicle on time. However, in the actual business process, some tenants failed to return the car on time after the expiration of the contract, and refused to contact the car rental company. Even if the car rental company can retrieve the vehicle through alarm and other means, it will still cause economic losses to the car rental company.

2 - blame the vehicle for damage during use
Due to the large number of vehicles of the car rental company, it is impossible to understand the driving behavior of the user after the car is rented. If the vehicle is found damaged during the lease term when returning the car, there will be a great dispute between the two sides on the determination of responsibility. It will not only affect the user's sense of experience, but also have a bad impact on the car rental company. After the car is rented, there will be violations, or the parts of the car will be assembled and replaced without permission. In the case of short-term rental, the violation cannot be solved in time with the rental driver, which will lead to the car rental company finding that the car has violations after the car is returned, but it is not easy to determine who has violated the rules during the lease period, And can't get in touch with the driver who rented the car before.

The competitiveness of car rental companies is not only reflected in reasonable prices, but also consumers will comprehensively consider other aspects such as service and safety. As a car rental company, we should pay attention to the user's sense of experience and safety, so as to lay the foundation for the long-term development of business. Vehicle tracking equipment can help car rental companies understand vehicle location and vehicle status in real time and reduce the losses of rental companies.


Cargo guard V series

Equipment features:

V40 vehicle tracking equipment uses GSM + GPRS + GPS + BDS + lbs wireless communication network system positioning technology, and integrates cat.m1/cat.1/nbiot, GPS and Bluetooth ble, as well as a variety of sensors and extended GPIO. It can monitor vehicle position information and status parameters (overspeed / voltage / vibration / mileage, etc.) in real time and realize automatic alarm response for abnormal position and status.

Advantages of the scheme:
1. Real time positioning.
After the car is rented, it is difficult to realize the real-time positioning of the car. Through the installation of equipment and the system, the position information of the car can be uploaded to the background in real time, so that the personnel can understand the trend of the car in the background.
2. Overspeed alarm.
When the driver drives on the road, if the speed is too fast, the background will give an alarm reminder. The supervision of overspeed can effectively reduce the number of violations by the driver.
3. ACC ignition monitoring
When passing through the GPS locator, an ACC line is connected. The ignition and disconnection of the vehicle can be monitored remotely to see if the driver has the problem of wasting vehicle resources.
4. Remove the alarm,

In order to prevent someone from removing the monitoring and positioning device after paying the deposit and driving the car, the equipment also has the removal alarm function. If the driver removes the equipment, the background will give an alarm at the first time, so as to understand the situation of the car in the shortest time and narrow the scope of investigation.

The emergence of car rental industry provides people with a new way of travel. In the process of managing vehicles, car rental companies not only need to monitor the vehicle position and status with the help of modern intelligent equipment, but also need to provide qualified vehicles to ensure the safety of users, so as to promote the sustainable and benign development of the industry.
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Vehicle tracking V Series

Vehicle tracking

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