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Asset Monitoring Terminal E Series Solution-Warehouse Management
20 October,2021

Background status:

As an important backing of the company's material supply system, the warehouse provides a guarantee for the turnover and placement of the company's materials. Deepening the intelligent management of warehouses is an important feature that reflects the safety and efficiency of the company's property and materials, and is of great significance to the development of the enterprise. However, in the actual operation of warehouse management, improper storage environment often occurs, resulting in goods failure or deterioration.

The main disadvantages of warehouse management:

1-Improper cargo storage environment, serious cargo damage
For ordinary goods, the temperature of the warehouse is generally 5-35℃, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 75%. However, the temperature and humidity requirements for materials with special requirements are also different. For example, for the storage of plastic products, generally the indoor temperature should be kept at 0-25℃, and the humidity should not be greater than 70%; while the room temperature of rubber and its products should generally be kept at 0-25℃ and the relative humidity should be 45-70%; due to the traditional temperature The hygrometer requires manual monitoring of environmental changes, which consumes a lot of human resources. If the goods are in the storage process due to poor temperature and humidity monitoring, resulting in serious goods loss, it will cause greater economic losses to the enterprise.
2-Manual management is difficult and inefficient
For the management of the warehouse environment, if manual monitoring is relied on, not only large errors exist, but also when the staff are busy at work, they often forget to monitor the warehouse environment. The scope of the warehouse is large, and the process of monitoring environmental data also requires a lot of manpower and material resources.

Cargo Guard E Series

Use standard: BLE5.0 network, temperature and humidity sensor, three-axis gravity acceleration sensor, etc. and extended GPIO, which can monitor the temperature and humidity information of the environment and state parameters (motion detection) in real time. It can also publish iBeacon, Eddystone and sensor data, as well as transmit and store temperature and humidity sensor data.

Solution advantages:

1-Environmental monitoring function
The warehouse manager only needs to place the cargo guard E series products in the warehouse, and the terminal can periodically upload environmental temperature and humidity information, which is convenient for customers to query the environmental status. The upload interval can be set remotely through the APP, which is convenient and fast.

At the same time, the customer can also set the temperature, humidity and light threshold in advance in the cloud management background. When the parameter reaches the threshold, the device will automatically alarm to remind the customer to adjust the warehouse environment in time.

2-Visualized background management
The data monitored through the E series are all uploaded to the visualization backend through wireless sensing technology, which is different from the chaotic and incomprehensible data management of most management platforms. The cloud information communication visualization backend strives to be simple and clear, and quickly obtain the rich information required by customers Icon, the information is clear at a glance. It integrates wireless smart sensor data collection technology technically, and the wireless sensor network adopts the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The data is packaged and uploaded through the Bluetooth BLE network transmission to the NBIOT communication gateway, so as to ensure that the device can work longer than other devices in the market when it is disconnected from the power source and relies on its own battery. The management adopts the intelligent and fast cloud integration method of platform + hardware. Through the mutual cooperation of cloud, pipe, and end, front-end sensor (data, video and other information) collection makes the management smarter, more transparent, more reliable and efficient. It has also been promoted.
In the warehouse management process, according to the material and location of the goods, their storage time and storage requirements, etc., through customized solutions, understand the requirements of each area of the warehouse and provide customized solutions for them.
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