Get more out of your assets and equipment from the Aovx tracker solution
Monitor your valuable equipment with the help of Aovx asset tracking solutions. Find new ways to enhance workflows, improve utilization, track maintenance, and extend the life of your assets.
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Advanced fleet management solutions from Aovx
Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Aovx fleet management solutions. Choose from a range of customizable GPS tracking solutions that offer dashboards, reports, and alerts.
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How to tracking the shipping container is effective?
The tracking shipping container is important for assets protection, when we choose a tracking solution, which factors do we should consider? Check it out!
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Aovx GPS system help fleet manager recoveries stolen vehicle
According to the US National Insurance Crime Bureau data 2020, A vehicle is reported stolen every 40.2 seconds A professional fleet management company used Aovx tracker in their car/truck etc ...located in the USA
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Wish you and your family a happy reunion and Happy Lantern Festival!
Wish you and your family a happy reunion and Happy Lantern Festival!
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GPS trackers and car trackers are a great solution for anyone who wants to track the location
Aovx GPS Tracker plans can be customized to suit your needs and with the Aovx GPS platform, users can monitor their tracker’s status and manage alerts. With a battery life that lasts up to 7 years, you will never be left wondering where your property or
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Did you know the risks in cold chain logistics?
1-During transport disruptions of electrical/poor coolant circulation within containers 2-During warehouse storage -power outages, poor insulation, non-uniform cooling.
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Aovx vehicle tracker, Shift Your Fleet management Into High Gear
The Challenge: Searching for a scalable solutionHaving a scalable telematics solution that covers the needs of the entire fleet can be a tall order for a large, diverse metropolitan operation. But that’s exactly what the Fleet Mobility Services Department
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Fast and Accurate Monitoring - Aovx Goods Tracking Solutions
Track remote goods with Aovx 's G series location services, including GPS and cellular/WiFi triangulation. Options to monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. See tilts, drops, or opens.
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