We’re back to work on 7th Feb. Good luck of the beginning! ❤️
Aovxers would like to share this great beginning with all of you. Wish you a wonderful beginning and achieve progress in 2022.To prosper with fury like a tiger and be successful in the Year of Tiger.
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Spring Festival Holiday Notice from Aovx
The Chinese Spring Festival is coming, all Aovxers will be on holiday from 30th Jan. to 6th Feb. And we will be back to work on February 7. During the period, all our emails will be handled as usual.
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how to improve the real-time inventory management efficiency for the chemical industry?
Conventional inventory tracking systems require human dependency and are time-consuming.if the required container cannot find in time, you either buy new containers or rent a new fleet, incurring additional costs. Therefore, tracking each container is im
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Why do you need a better sea cargo tracking system?
Reason1: you need coverage from the first mile until the last mile At the seaport, you have partial visibility, but how do you know if your cargo made it there in the right condition, to begin with? Make sure that the system you set up tracks the cargo du
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Learn the effective business fixed assets tracking management way!
Businesses fixed assets play an integral role in their success – but as with everything, assets have a lifecycle. The asset lifecycle includes its useful life when it delivers at its peak performance. It also includes times of maintenance, repair, wear, a
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We have opened an office in Spain
We don’t have any decorations there yet, but we are ready to get things started. In the future, Our goal is to have more offices in every continent and conquer the market with our Telematics, Networks, and Mobility solutions.
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Here’s how smart sensors powered by Aovx
Here’s how smart sensors powered by Aovx can create efficient moments in cold chain transport management.Smart sensors powered by Aovx offer real-time accurate detection, remote push notifications, activity tracking, and smart scenario linking. They are c
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Aovx held the annual party!
We insist on Aovx corporate values: service awareness, customer-oriented, quick response.We keep learning and innovating. tried our best to overcome the obstacles and let Aovx rise to a higher level. The company's colleagues performed a wonderful show, i
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The best GPS tracking systems for your fleet: One device for everything!
typically, a fleet tracking GPS should have a hardware element — like vehicle trackers — and a software component. This fleet tracking system enables drivers to keep their records updated.
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