Celebrate aovxers birthdays in the office
the birthday guy and prepared cakes and gifts for them they wrote a wish for a new year's birthday, one of aovxers have shared their feelings that, in the aovx team, we got the friendship, the ability to overcome anything, the patience,In all, the fun of
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Wondering How does the vehicle tracker works for fleet management?
Managing your fleet is hard . how to make everything easy. that’s exactly how does AOVX did at fleet management. By combining analytics and our project managers’ industry expertise, We will track your vehicle real-time position /trace/situation, then make
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Have a look! AOVX Brand VIS Part-1
“A simple, yet distinctive visual identity system was developed that resonates with the company’s evolution, designed to fit in a perfect balance between pharmaceutical and lifestyle brand.”
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Fleet management never have been easy like this
1-Global Cat.M1/NB-IoT network:Tracking will not be interrupted Unlimited distance real-time tracking. all countries worldwide coverage. included International SIM card also. 2- Remote Control :If people use AOVX Tracker, then they can remote control vehi
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AOVX hardware technology workshop is coming!
We will set up the hardware technology workshop to help the customer to know more about our company, including features explained, Quick start guides, use cases.
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AOVX helps “TrackieeU ” (Mexico) realize digital management of logistics container leasing
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Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us at AOVX
AOVX tracker solutions is a logistics visualized supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication.
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How to complete fast and reliable seafood transport relying on AOVX tracking technology?
Periodic reporting: The default configuration is to obtain temperature and humidity information every 10 minutes and store it locally, then report to the platform every hour. When the GNSS positioning fails, the base station or WiFi positioning will be ac
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What is it like to work at AOVX?
As a Project Manager, Emma work at AOVX for more than 2 years.For this question, she gives me the following information :Working at AOVX is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I have been working at AOVX for the last two years.
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