How do protect valuable assets?
How do protect valuable assets?How do monitor the fixed assets?How to make the GPS device worked for almost 7 years?
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Download the Aovx updated version vehicle tracker technical problem FAQ doc here
When you use the Aovx vehicle tracker, How to solve technical problems quickly?Except to contact Aovx's FAE, you could solve the question by yourself fastly too.
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Aovx Assets Tracker Solutions G Series tracker devices
integrate Nordic Semiconductor's nRF9160 SiP and multiple sensors — including a three-axis accelerometer, light sensor, and temperature and humidity sensor — to monitor the movement, vibration status, tampering, delay, temperature, and humidity of goods i
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Smart wireless IoT devices for vehicle tracking.
It has a waterproof case and a serial port to transmit data from a peripheral. Due to its size and construction, it is an ideal equipment to be installed in vehicles (outdoors), heavy machinery, or motorcycles.
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We are very excited to receive some new registrations for Telematics Summit CDMX .
The event will bring decision-makers from companies that provide solutions, both hardware, and software, for the GPS location, fleet management, telematics, and Internet of Things (IoT) industry.
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Why we need to start a tracking solution for container cargo ?
A real-time container cargo tracking solution helps deliver visibility into the container in transport to safeguard cargo (generally high-value assets such as precision instruments, electronics and chemicals) using GPS asset tracking devices.
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In order to facilitate our users to use all the documents from Aovx quickly,
In order to facilitate our users to use all the documents from Aovx quickly, we have updated the location of the documents, in addition to, you can also download them directly here. (even if you are in guest mode)
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looking for related companies to launch joint marketing together
Joint marketing helps enterprises get more traffic and attention in the fierce market competition. promotes the growth of enterprise benefits.
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Aovx Vehicle Management Terminal usage at electric vehicle application
Before choosing a cloud information vehicle tracker, there are usually these questions:*The abnormal situation of trucks in the epidemic area cannot be detected and warned in time*The device network standard is single, which often cannot match the local n
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