AOVX Tracker Solution ready for telematics and tracker monitoring in dumper trucks
under harsh environmentAOVX tracker solutions have been implemented in dump trucks for telematics purposes, such as RS485 data and couples sensors in dump trucks, to monitor the condition and locations of dump trucks. Be placed on different tracks with di
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Download Aovx's FAQ doc for technical here
When you ordered the Aovx tracker,How to find solutions to technical problems quickly?Except to contact FAE, you could solve the question by yourself fastly too ..
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How to develop a new tracker?
If everything goes well, Aovx will according to the standard process as follows:*Evaluation*Material selection*Hardware design*Factory production circuit board, sample patch*Software development*Test sample*Trial production*Testing *Mass production
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Our colleagues from Aovx Corp. enjoy creating and inventing new things.
They also like to test their inventions under hard and realistic conditions, to be sure about their products.,Have a look at one of the experiments conducted with the #Aovx R&D team.Learn more About Aovx at : www.
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Aovx A series tracker devices are ideal for field assets,
returnable containers with rugged IP68 enclosure, and long battery life of up to 7 years. Magnet installs are free for labor cost savings. Integrates global connectivity by cellular network 2G,4G Cat.1, NB-IoT, and Cat.M1 without data plan contract.
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Aovx cloud platform overview
AOVX tracker solutions is a logistics visualized supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication.
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Check it out! GPS asset tracking solutions for auto finance companies and credit unions.
Grow and protect your auto loan portfolio with GPS tracking tools for car loans, truck loans, trailer loans, and all other types of vehicles you may be financing. With our assets tracking solutions, you can effectively and safely finance more buyers, redu
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An incredibly science museum short visit for Aoxers
At the weekend, Aovx organized all staff to visit Hefei science museum .We have seen the meteorite fossil sample/ Magical chemical reactions and physical phenomena/Learned the secrets of human organs etc...
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Request Aovx trailer management solution file here
In the trailer management area, there have three industry pain points:*Driver information feedback is not timely, and the data error rate is high.*The input speed of operation information is slow, and the feedback to customers is not timely.*Short standby
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