Aovx Smart GPS badge: record tracing for child/older/outdoor worker
Aovx Smart GPS Badge is a cost-effective, automated, and instant contact tracing solution for businesses. Using safe and secure wearable devices additionally provides social distancing alerts and capacity management, to help child/older/outdoor workers ac
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Congrats!Aovx option signing ceremony
In the career, people have lots of reasons to work for a company (the people, the mission, the health coverage, the salary) But stock options equity incentives let the people work for themself.
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Come meet us @ Qualcomm #5G Summit 2022 in San Diego California.
5G is now mainstream and is poised to connect virtually everything to the cloud and accelerate the pace of digital transformation around the world. This year’s Qualcomm 5G Summit, one of the industry’s leading 5G ecosystem events
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Happy Mother's Day
Mother is a job that is ever-changing and frequently exasperating. Moms don’t get days off, nor do they receive handsome salaries or generous pensions. Instead, their rewards come in the form of sticky kisses, necklaces made of elbow macaroni, and the sat
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Aovx Vehicle Management Terminal usage at electric vehicle application
Before choosing a cloud information vehicle tracker, there are usually these questions: *The abnormal situation of trucks in the epidemic area cannot be detected and warned in time*The device network standard is single, which often cannot match the local
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How do get back the Stolen Car? Check! this Brazilian use Aovx vehicle tracker
Recently, we received feedback from an end customer in Brazil.His car was stolen. Through surveillance video, they found that the person who stole the car was skilled and very fast, and drove the car away in just 1 minute!
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The branch office address in Argentina was updated!
Looking back on the development of the company, we have gone from being a very small office to set up multiple overseas offices! what a day and so proud of this! Thanks to our valuable customers, suppliers, partners, and investors! Let's keep going and st
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Happy Labor Day!
The worker is a creator and a great asset to every nation. Labor Day marks the victory of a worker’s spirit We are proud of what Aovxers do.
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How to assemble the Aovx VX350 trailer tracker?
Protect & monitor trailers, and assets with the Aovx VX350 series tracker. ***5000mAh Large capacity rechargeable battery. In power-down mode, it can be used normally.***Powered by an external solar panel with a size of 18*18cm***IP67 waterproof grade, Wo
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