Aovx A series --assets tracking device build a better asset tracking solution
Aovx A series --assets tracking device build a better asset tracking solution with the largest portfolio of certified and integration-ready LPWAN asset tracking devices and the widest range of connectivity and location technology options including GNSS, W
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Humidity Temperature Monitoring device at Aovx tracking solution
Aovx goods monitor device use standard wireless Humidity monitor sensors are accurate to +/- 0.5℃. This device incorporates ambient temperature monitoring, so you can accomplish two goals with one wireless temperature and humidity monitoring sensor.
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How much would Audi A8 cost you?
Now imagine 15 of these stacked in a container, and hundreds of these containers park on the side of a freeway or rest area for weeks, either on the way to a port or on the way to their final destination.
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Congrats! Aovx milestone events!
On Monday, we just delivered a meeting with two topics. Firstly, celebrate our new colleague joining our team. They are from different countries: China /Spain/Argentina,A brief introduction makes us closer.
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April 5, 2022 - Qingming Festival
April 5, 2022 - Qingming Festival (清明节) or Tomb-Sweeping Day, a national holiday for paying respects to ancestors by visiting tombs or going to temples. It is also about precious family time together and enjoying the spring weather and blossoms outside in
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Aovx G series: goods monitoring solution
Aovx G series: goods monitoring solution ensures that any inventory that needs to be stored at low temperatures is kept at the right temperature. It notifies the user of possible problems and prevents possible damages.
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How does AOVX deliver trackers to clients?
Wondering the full steps of assets tracker development? Today we are ready to deliver to Peru partner for 20k assets device.the Aovxers are packing it ...
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School bus drivers play an essential role in the school day of countless students,
Using the Aovx vehicle tracker V series could ensure the safety of their students. We are honored to be able to share the device highlights : Cat.M1 / NB-IoT With 2G Fallback Multiple GPIOsRS232/485 Interface Working With BLE Sensors
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VM35x by #Aovx
Big Internal Battery IP67 Water Proof and ruggedized trailer tracker, designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicles, including trailers, tankers, refrigerated trucks, and flatbeds. Its highly rugged and waterproof design ensures that the product remains r
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