Aovx vehicle tracker, Shift Your Fleet management Into High Gear
The Challenge: Searching for a scalable solutionHaving a scalable telematics solution that covers the needs of the entire fleet can be a tall order for a large, diverse metropolitan operation. But that’s exactly what the Fleet Mobility Services Department
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The triode current source circuit will impact the Aovx tracker functions? find out what happened.
The triode current source is rarely used in our usual circuit design, and is generally used in integrated circuits such as integrated operational amplifiers. Before we discuss, we need to know some important characteristics of triode current sources:
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Do you know how does Triode switch circuit work at the Aovx tracker device? Check it out !
As one of the most commonly used basic components, the triode is mainly used in aovx equipment to amplify current and control circuits. In the sharing of previous issues, we introduced a lot of knowledge about triodes, which shows the importance of triode
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researching assets tracker? Learn the characteristics and working conditions of the triode firstly!
In this hardware knowledge workshop, our engineers continued to analyze the triode, which was the topic of the previous week.The triode plays a very important role in our tracking device, mainly as a switch controlled by the device signal.
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In the vehicle tracker, What are the easily overlooked components? take a look at triodes!
As a logistics visualized supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication., AOVX tracker solutions is an experienced company for R&D for more than 10 years.Aovx with 4 series devices, and accepted customized devic
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Fast and Accurate Monitoring - Aovx Goods Tracking Solutions
Track remote goods with Aovx 's G series location services, including GPS and cellular/WiFi triangulation. Options to monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. See tilts, drops, or opens.
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We’re back to work on 7th Feb. Good luck of the beginning! ❤️
Aovxers would like to share this great beginning with all of you. Wish you a wonderful beginning and achieve progress in 2022.To prosper with fury like a tiger and be successful in the Year of Tiger.
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Spring Festival Holiday Notice from Aovx
The Chinese Spring Festival is coming, all Aovxers will be on holiday from 30th Jan. to 6th Feb. And we will be back to work on February 7. During the period, all our emails will be handled as usual.
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how to improve the real-time inventory management efficiency for the chemical industry?
Conventional inventory tracking systems require human dependency and are time-consuming.if the required container cannot find in time, you either buy new containers or rent a new fleet, incurring additional costs. Therefore, tracking each container is im
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Why do you need a better sea cargo tracking system?
Reason1: you need coverage from the first mile until the last mile At the seaport, you have partial visibility, but how do you know if your cargo made it there in the right condition, to begin with? Make sure that the system you set up tracks the cargo du
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