What a wonderful device for vehicle tracking
Breaking news from the project team, Our customer from Brazil did a tracking demonstration with our competitor's devices for target detection and tracking.
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Aovx A series Longer standby time, better waterproof grade, more availability
The Aovx A series with a long standby, is the perfect solution for non-real-time tracking of heavy-duty vehicles, goods, and other assets.Using the 7800 mAh (Lithium thionyl chloride batteries ) and portable size, for more availability and better portabil
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Check it out! Our newly released product VG200 vehicle tracking terminal
Aovx V series tracker devices are ideal for motorcycle tracking, and remote monitoring and command control, Integrates global connectivity by cellular network 2G, without a data plan contract.
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Congratulations! Our Linkedin followers reach 3.9k
the followers are not mere numbers but humans represented by numbers. If you gather 400 people in a hall right now, you would understand what 3900 people mean.
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Fleet Management System is the best option for Managers
Fleet Management System is the best option for Managers who want to solve the problem of excessive idling. Aovx assets tracker solution active trackers monitor engine idling at all times and send information to Managers in this regard.
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Do you know the temperature and humidity monitoring devices applications?
Aovx G series is a simple to install IoT device for remote monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Light, etc, The device is connected to the portal via the 2G/3G/4G/Cat.M network.
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A vlog for Aovx factory visit
Today, Our photographer follows the customer to visit the factory and record the flow chart of the factory production going to release it as a video.
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R&D Dept. workshop sharing
Our R&D dept. have held a novel workshop on 'The Challenge of Tracker market change', yesterdayThe reason for this initiative on the part of R&D's Dept. was the competition awareness of the IoT industry gradually increased.
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Aovx Assets Tracker Solutions & Links Field entered an agreement
Aovx Assets Tracker Solutions & Links Field entered an agreement of assets tracking device AL300 IoT sim card supply.This brings more incredible benefits to devices achieving global network connection, and certainty to large-scale adoption of the tech. jo
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