Where could we find one-stop tracker solutions? Check out in AOVX
Where could we find one-stop tracker solutions?When you look for the details of one tracker type. Except for the product filters and product compare function. especially, as the users, you have been allowed to download the full pr
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Group building activities mountain climbing on weekends
As an outdoor sport, mountain climbing has many favorable factors for the body. It is both aerobic exercise and strength exercise, and the amount and intensity of exercise can be adjusted according to their physical strength and physical quality. It can b
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Team activities play table tennis
Every time after work, colleagues play table tennis together in order to relieve the fatigue of the day.
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Team activity basketball game
Every time after work, colleagues who love basketball go to play basketball together
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League building activities
At the weekend, we went to rongchuang paradise and spent happy holidays
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Team building activities - Badminton Competition
Enhance the physical fitness of employees after work.
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AOVX Assets Tracker Solutions
AOVX V series tracker devices are ideal for vehicle fleet management and leasing control. Not only GPS feature but also embedded with multiple GPIOs interfaces for data telematics and remote control.
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Asset monitoring terminal E series application scenarios-granary management
Background status:Food is the foundation of the national economy and an important material guarantee for human survival. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Orga
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Asset monitoring terminal V series application scenarios-vehicle anti-theft application
Customer demand: In the process of vehicle management, a car financial leasing company in Brazil often encounters the situation that the tenant does not return the car on time. At the same time, the l
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Asset monitoring terminal A series application scenarios-sharing cars
Background status:With the strong attack of online car-hailing and the high-profile entry of shared bicycles into the market, the shared car industry has gradually entered the public's attention. Car
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