How to assemble the Aovx VX350 trailer tracker?
Protect & monitor trailers, and assets with the Aovx VX350 series tracker. ***5000mAh Large capacity rechargeable battery. In power-down mode, it can be used normally.***Powered by an external solar panel with a size of 18*18cm***IP67 waterproof grade, Wo
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Try to use Aovx tracking solution to manage your fleet!
Managing your fleet is hard . how to make everything easy. that’s exactly how AOVX did at fleet management. By combining analytics and our project managers’ industry expertise, We will track your vehicle's real-time position /trace/situation, then make th
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Come by and take an Aovx tracker device factory tour online!
The factory is located in the High-tech Zone of Hefei City, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.The workshop has a number of high-speed assembly lines, including high-precision placement machine equipment, printing machine temperature zone reflow sol
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Aovx & Tsingsee Friendship badminton match delayed notification
Dear Aovxers : Due to the Covid-19 influence, we decided to put off the schedule for April 16 the Aovx & Tsingsee Friendship badminton match.
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Glad to share the new cloud platform by Aovx
AOVX tracker solutions is a logistics visualized supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication.
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Aovx has thoundards thousands solutions
Aovx has thoundards thousands solutions deployed to trucking companies and fleets, if you're looking for telematic data solutions connecting your truck, trailer, and cargo, look no further. Reach out to me and let's have a chat about how Aovx's solutions
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After #shanghailockdown ,How to guarantee the fresh food supply?
Due to the Covid / Omikron, there have been more than three full weeks in government-imposed lockdown from the original.
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Aovx is excited to announce it has updated the previously device Specification to V2.0
As the supplier of leading telematics and data insight providers, Aovx uses IoT tracking technologies visualized logistics supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication.
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What's the perfect option for SHIPPING CONTAINER TRACKING?
Although there are several container tracking solutions to choose from, when it comes to tracking your cargo on the ocean, the solution you bet on should be able to:
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When a patient's health needs urgent attention
When a patient's health needs urgent attention, every second matters, and that's where medical asset tracking comes into the picture.
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