The triode current source circuit will impact the Aovx tracker functions? find out what happened.
10 March,2022
By Aovxers
AOVX hardware workshop

The triode current source is rarely used in our usual circuit design, and is generally used in integrated circuits such as integrated operational amplifiers. Before we discuss, we need to know some important characteristics of triode current sources:

There is a high output resistance;

It can be used as the bias circuit of the amplifier circuit to provide quiescent current;

It can be used as an active load to replace high-resistance resistors to improve the amplification ability, and is generally used in integrated circuits.


We also need to use this circuit in Aovx's tracker. For example, in the V series, vehicle tracking monitoring and management equipment, important highlights include remote control, Global 4G LTE Cat.1, Multiple GPIOs, RS232/485 Interface, Working With BLE Sensors

. In addition, there are other series of products in Aovx, such as: goods monitoring, assets tracking, vehicle tracking, environment monitoring. It can meet the different needs of customers in many industries and avoid asset damage.

Aovx's products mainly include 4 series. "GAVE"

By showcasing the diverse solutions of these four series of products, we have gained more than 3,000 followers on LinkedIn.

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Aovx G series tracker devices are ideal for tracking and temperature

monitoring of cold chain, food and fruits storage and transportation, ultra-thin 8mm, just put it with goods requires monitoring. Integrates global connectivity by cellular network 2G,4G Cat.1 , NB-IoT and Cat.M1 without data plan contract

Aovx A series tracker devices are ideal for field assets, returnable containers with rugged IP68 enclosure, and long battery life of up to 7 years. Magnet, install free for labor cost saving.

Integrates global connectivity by cellular network 2G,4G Cat.1, NB-IoT, and Cat.M1 without data plan contract.

Aovx V series tracker devices are ideal for a vehicle, trailer tracking, and remote monitoring and command control, supported by ACC ignition, relay control, and multiple GPIOs for data telematics. Integrates global connectivity by cellular network 2G,4G Cat.1, NB-IoT, and Cat.M1 without data plan contract.

Next, follow our hardware engineers and continue to learn another knowledge: triode current source circuit


Since it is a current source, we need to output a stable current to satisfy   

The common-emitter circuit of the triode is a typical current source, that is, a current-controlled current source.

Generally, there are many places where a current source is required in an integrated circuit, so the circuit of the real application is also multi-channel.

Take advantage of the very high output resistance of the current source, as shown in Figure 18-2, and replace it with the collector resistance of the common-emitter amplifier.

We see that the dynamic resistance of the collector of the amplifier tube Q3 in the figure becomes a current source composed of the transistors Q2, Q1 and the resistor R. In this way, the static collector current of Q3 has the relationship  

As for the AC signal, according to the output characteristic curve of the triode in Figure 16-1 in the amplified state, it can be seen that Lc basically does not change with the increase of Vce voltage, which means that only when the displayed resistance is very large, the current does not change significantly with the voltage. So the transistor Q2 in the amplified state will provide the transistor Q3 with a very large collector resistance Rc.

Then, when the current source is used as the active load for the collector resistance of the amplifying circuit, there will be a large amplification factor.

If you are not very clear about this circuit, you can go back and analyze it after we have discussed the common emission amplifier circuit. Of course the quiescent current in the figure  


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