How to complete fast and reliable seafood transport relying on AOVX tracking technology?
Periodic reporting: The default configuration is to obtain temperature and humidity information every 10 minutes and store it locally, then report to the platform every hour. When the GNSS positioning fails, the base station or WiFi positioning will be ac
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What is it like to work at AOVX?
As a Project Manager, Emma work at AOVX for more than 2 years.For this question, she gives me the following information :Working at AOVX is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I have been working at AOVX for the last two years.
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We have now launched our partner brand Miot Wireless Solutions
At Assets tracking solution, our goal is to offer reliable, cost-effective tracking products from recognized and trusted brands, for business, lower the risks of assets being broken or lost.
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How can AOVX asset tracking bring value for manufacturing industry financing?
for a potential company, cash flow is very important. therefore they are always trying to make the professional agency trust they will get more profits, then get the investment to help the company develop.
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Wondering How does the vehicle tracker works for fleet management?
AOVX assets tracking solution introduces an integrated Fleet Management Platform that connects the vehicle and the remote cloud system for detailed information about Driver Efficiency as well as Fleet performance.
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New Starting Point and New Journey We moved to a better place!
New Starting Point and New JourneyWe moved to a better place!Due to the continuous expansion of the company's business, AVOX was relocated from Tianmao Building to Zhongan Valley on November 15, 2021.
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Where could we find one-stop tracker solutions? Check out in AOVX
Where could we find one-stop tracker solutions?When you look for the details of one tracker type. Except for the product filters and product compare function. especially, as the users, you have been allowed to download the full pr
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Group building activities mountain climbing on weekends
As an outdoor sport, mountain climbing has many favorable factors for the body. It is both aerobic exercise and strength exercise, and the amount and intensity of exercise can be adjusted according to their physical strength and physical quality. It can b
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Team activities play table tennis
Every time after work, colleagues play table tennis together in order to relieve the fatigue of the day.
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Team activity basketball game
Every time after work, colleagues who love basketball go to play basketball together
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