One of the indispensable partners of Aovx---Redgps
On June 27, 2022, the RedGPS Telematics Summit was held in Mexico City. Throughout the day, we meet with our customers, partners, partners, hardware manufacturers and track company leaders for a full day of discussions on new technologies, solutions and s
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Aovx united Links Field to realize the global network connection of asset monitoring device
The realization of this function is largely due to the Links Field's multi-form and multi-specification SIM card. The main working principle of the SIM card is to connect the hardware terminal to the operator's network through its own written operator dat
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New Starting Point and New Journey We moved to a better place!
New Starting Point and New JourneyWe moved to a better place!Due to the continuous expansion of the company's business, AVOX was relocated from Tianmao Building to Zhongan Valley on November 15, 2021.
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Group building activities mountain climbing on weekends
As an outdoor sport, mountain climbing has many favorable factors for the body. It is both aerobic exercise and strength exercise, and the amount and intensity of exercise can be adjusted according to their physical strength and physical quality. It can b
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Team activities play table tennis
Every time after work, colleagues play table tennis together in order to relieve the fatigue of the day.
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Team activity basketball game
Every time after work, colleagues who love basketball go to play basketball together
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League building activities
At the weekend, we went to rongchuang paradise and spent happy holidays
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Team building activities - Badminton Competition
Enhance the physical fitness of employees after work.
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