So excited! Aovx's device integrates into the ultimate GPS tracker platform Wialon of Gurtam
08 February,2023
By Aovxer

As a logistics visualized supply chain management solution provider focusing on the field of wireless communication.


 AOVX tracker solutions besides location and asset conditions are also monitored: vibration status, light detection, humidity, and temperature alerts -among others- are embedded with multiple sensors and wireless technologies: 4G LTE, NB-IoT, Cat.M1, WIFI, and BLE.


Those functions are distributed in various series of Aovx devices:

“G” series – Goods tracker device with high precision temperature sensor, supports indoor positioning with WIFI, BLE

“A” series – Assets tracker device with IP68 rugged and magnet install-free, 7 years battery life. Ideally for outdoor tracking.

“V” series – Vehicle tracker device, supports remote control, and ACC detection. Multiple GPIOs.

 “E” series – Environmental monitoring with BLE temperature sensors



As you know a good visualized supply chain management solution, except the high-quality hardware, maturity platform software was also a key part of our success.


These days, Aovx overseas team integrated the Aovx hardware device into the Wialon platform, which help Aovx, take a big step toward globalization



Gurtam is an international software developer and provider of Wialon, the platform for GPS tracking and IoT. Established in 2002, the company has offices in Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the EU.

The Wialon platform use cases belong to quite different areas, from classic fleet monitoring to waste management, etc, with a wild scope of application.


The advantage of Wialon platform:

- Trusted: 19 years in the international market

- Versatile: seamlessly works with 2,900+ types of telematics hardware

- Flexible: delivered as a cloud and server-based solution where you can configure every parameter

- Supportive: offers 24/7 technical assistance to 2400+ partners globally

- Comprehensive: 300+ monitoring parameters to control and report on

- Extra: free niche solutions and white label model of cooperation


Currently, Gurtam’s monitoring system is used in more than 150 countries with over 3.4 mln assets being tracked worldwide.



“The Wialon platform was the best choice that could give us the Trusted experience/versatile telematics hardware/Flexible solution etc..they can afford projects of any complexity," says Ricky Guo, chief executive officer of Aovx



Learn more about Wialon:

Learn more about Aovx :


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