AOVX devices are now integrated with GPS-Trace!
14 February,2023
By Aovxer

GPS-Trace is a personal monitoring platform based on the Flespi telematics backend.
GPS-Trace platform combines simplicity, cross-platform design and intuitiveness with rich functionality and flexibility.

185 000 users, 202 000 units, 100+ partners around the world, and 2500+ device types - it's all about GPS-Trace.


The platform currently features 3 applications with fully functional mobile and web versions:

  1. Ruhavik - for vehicles;
  2. Petovik - for pets;
  3. Partner Panel - for businesses that provide tracking services in their region. A tool for creating accounts, setting up units, and reselling the service.

Each application has a free version and open registration in the app or on the site.
You can get acquainted with the platform by clicking on the link to the DEMO.
The easiest way to start using the system is by following the How to start guide.


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