Application scenario of asset monitoring terminal G series-vaccine transportation application
13 October,2021
By admin
Background requirements: From research and development to production, and then to mass production, in addition to pharmaceutical product manufacturers and raw material suppliers, logistics providers, distributors, and medical service providers are all involved in vaccine participants. The storage and transportation of vaccines in a specified temperature environment is an important condition for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, the circulation and transportation of vaccines are very important. In order to monitor vaccine traceability and temperature changes, a pharmaceutical company in Hangzhou contacted Aovx Communication for the problems encountered during vaccine transportation, and finally adopted the monitoring terminal of Aovx Communication to monitor the transportation and storage status.

Common transportation channels of vaccines and existing problems:

1- refrigerated truck
Vaccine transportation usually uses refrigerated trucks. Loading the vaccine onto a refrigerated truck containing 2-8 vaccines is an important step because the vaccine is not only vulnerable to damage, but also more likely to be stolen. In this process, the lack of monitoring of the status of the vaccine and the problem of vaccine theft need further solutions.

2- by air
Hot runway tarmacs and careless cargo handlers may be the primary cause of vaccine damage and deterioration. Anyone who handles vaccines must be qualified and fully trained to handle them. In multimodal transportation scenarios like air transportation, because many people are involved, it is always possible to cause errors and delays due to manual updates. Because the risk of transportation interruption at multiple contact points is high. Dry ice keeps these packages cool in ultra-cold chain transportation, but because dry ice is considered a hazardous material, there is a limit on the amount of dry ice that can be loaded on an airplane. Therefore, the transportation temperature must be continuously monitored in the air and on the tarmac, because even the slightest increase can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, and in some cases, even make the vaccine ineffective. This can be done with continuous temperature monitoring to complete automatic updates during the flight. Once the data logging connection is restored, you will know what's wrong on the road.

Equipment: Aovx Communication Cargo Guard G

Cargo Guard G series equipment is mainly used to monitor the entire circulation link of the goods in the warehouse, during transportation and delivery. Cargo Guard G series integrates CAT.M1/NBIOT/4G, GPS, Bluetooth BLE and a variety of sensors, which can monitor cargo location information and status parameters (temperature and humidity/vibration/abnormal unpacking, etc.) in real time and realize abnormal location and status Automatic alarm response.

Solution advantages:

1- Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity
Environmental monitoring equipment can monitor the environment during cold chain transportation in real time through temperature and humidity sensors. When the temperature or humidity is abnormal, the cloud background will receive relevant reminders in time. The manager can prompt the transportation personnel to adjust the transportation environment at the first time. At the same time, the vaccine transportation needs to avoid light as much as possible. The real-time lighting information uploaded to the background helps managers understand the quality of vaccine transportation.

2-Transportation status monitoring

When a vehicle crashes, violently shakes, theft, etc. during transportation, the cloud backend will receive relevant alarm information as soon as possible. The manager can minimize the loss by reminding the driver or seeking help from the relevant local authorities. .

3- Transport location monitoring

Environmental monitoring equipment can update the trajectory and position of transportation vehicles in real time. To ensure safe delivery of vaccines before transportation, the transportation route can be confirmed in advance. When the driver does not follow the established route, the manager can confirm the relevant specific conditions in time , To avoid delays in vaccine shipments or other conditions.

The timely and quality delivery of vaccines is particularly important to whether the vaccines can be used normally. At this stage, the commonly used refrigerated trucks and air transportation channels have certain limitations. After using the above solutions, a pharmaceutical company in Hangzhou improved the efficiency of transportation and delivery.
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