Asset monitoring terminal A series application scenarios-sharing cars
13 October,2021
Background status:
With the strong attack of online car-hailing and the high-profile entry of shared bicycles into the market, the shared car industry has gradually entered the public's attention. Car sharing mainly solves the current social parking difficulties and the shortage of parking spaces. With the development of public transportation, people's demand for cars is not too strong, but there will be situations where cars are needed but there are no cars. The distance is long and taxis are not cost-effective. At this time, car sharing has become the first choice for people. Recently, a domestic car-sharing company contacted Aovx Communication, aiming to solve some of the shortcomings in the use of car-sharing, optimize the user experience and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Existing problems in the shared car industry:
1. Difficulty in scheduling. Difficulty in scheduling is a common problem faced by the automotive industry at this stage. Customers cannot find a car while using it, how to find a car, and other data integration capabilities such as background scheduling are not enough.
2. It is difficult to locate the applicable crowd. Many car-sharing companies have established car-borrowing points in places such as office buildings, but customers in these places either have cars or have planned routes for work, and there is not strong demand for car-sharing.

3. Short cruising range, difficult to charge, and difficult to park. Because the layout of electric piles in many cities is incomplete, and it is difficult to determine where there are charging piles, it is difficult to find a parking spot that can be charged after driving.

Asset monitoring technology can help the shared car industry. There are already some relatively mature asset monitoring technologies on the market. They have their own management background. In addition to managing the vehicles on the market, they can also perform simple analysis on the users through the intelligent system, which helps the industry to understand Use the positioning of the crowd.

Equipment used: Cloud Information Communication Cargo Guard A

The equipment integrates base station positioning, GPS Beidou and other positioning technologies to grasp the location information of assets in transit in real time;
Support electronic fence, transportation trajectory planning and position deviation alarm. All-round monitoring of assets, when overspeed/severe vibration/abnormal unpacking/location/delay occurs, the system will automatically send out an alarm response. When the monitored asset travels to an area where there is no network signal, the terminal will store the location information at that time, and upload the historical location information to the platform when the device is back online.

Solution advantages:
1- report location information
The AM95 device can automatically set the location reporting cycle, store the location information obtained, and report it to the platform at regular intervals. But when the device position deviates from the preset route trajectory, the system will automatically trigger an alarm response.

2- Vehicle condition monitoring
Asset monitoring equipment AM95 has mileage monitoring and fuel and electricity consumption monitoring, which can be reflected in the background through data in a timely manner, which is convenient for enterprises to manage vehicles that are about to run out of electricity in time.

3- Anti-removal function
In addition to the positioning function, the asset monitoring equipment also has an anti-dismantling device. If a user wants to dismantle the equipment in the vehicle after using the vehicle, an alarm will be issued in the background, and the enterprise staff can deal with the abnormality as soon as possible.
4- Convenient and easy to install
With the development of technology, the current asset monitoring equipment is light and easy to install, and it is not easy to consume electricity. Installing asset monitoring equipment on the vehicle will not affect the appearance and use of the vehicle.
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