Asset monitoring terminal V series application scenarios-vehicle anti-theft application
13 October,2021

Customer demand: In the process of vehicle management, a car financial leasing company in Brazil often encounters the situation that the tenant does not return the car on time. At the same time, the loss of the vehicle during use cannot be checked in a short time. The company’s economic efficiency has a negative impact. In this context, customers learned about the V-series products of Aovx Communication Cargo Guard.

Common problems in the process of car rental:
1- The vehicle is stolen
The Brazilian car rental company found that in the course of business development, it often occurred that the tenant did not repay the vehicle according to the agreed time. When the staff took the initiative to contact the tenant, they did not receive a response. In this process, the vehicle leasing company not only has to bear the loss caused by the failure of the vehicle to be leased to a third party, but also faces the risk of the vehicle being stolen. Even though the company can obtain help through judicial means, the entire process is long, which seriously affects the normal operation of the vehicle rental company.
2- The vehicle is damaged

In the process of using the vehicle, when the vehicle encounters a severe impact, most tenants will choose to repair it privately and conceal the accident. When the vehicle was returned, because the staff did not understand the accident, the deposit was returned after a simple inspection. However, this problem was discovered during the subsequent use of the vehicle, which caused serious problems for the Brazilian car rental company. Big economic loss.

For customers' vehicle theft and vehicle damage, the main problem is the lack of real-time monitoring equipment for the vehicle to help customers understand the location and status of the vehicle anytime and anywhere.

Equipment used: Aovx Communication Cargo Guard V

The V20 intelligent vehicle locator combines GPS satellite positioning technology, GIS geographic information technology (electronic map), GPRS wireless communication technology, distributed server technology, Internet technology and other high-tech technologies to help a Brazilian vehicle financial leasing company realize 24-hour monitoring Vehicle location, high-density recording of vehicle driving data, simultaneous monitoring of vehicles at multiple points and channels, effective real-time monitoring of various bad driving behaviors and management loopholes.

1- Vehicle location:
V20 intelligent vehicle positioning terminal uploads vehicle location information regularly to help customers query vehicle location and vehicle status

3- Vibration alarm
When the vehicle is running, once the vehicle encounters a strong impact, the system will automatically trigger an alarm to remind the vehicle rental company to strictly check the state of the vehicle during the later return process.

2-ACC status:
When the car is ignited or turned off, the V20 terminal reports the vehicle's ACC status information.

4- Mileage statistics:
The V20 terminal can accurately count the mileage of the vehicle, and the initial mileage of the terminal can be set to synchronize with the mileage of the vehicle dashboard.

5- Ultrasonic oil level collection
The V20 terminal is connected to an ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor, collects the fuel level of the vehicle's fuel tank and reports it to the platform, and monitors the vehicle's fuel level in real time through the platform.

6 Remotely cut off oil and power

When the vehicle is found to be stolen, the platform sends a text message command, and the GPS tracker receives the corresponding power-off command and starts the relay to disconnect the power supply of the ignition device to stop the combustion and extinguish the flame.

Combined with the characteristics of the V20 equipment, it can effectively help the Brazilian car rental company to solve the theft and vehicle damage in the car rental process, and provide assistance for the development of the enterprise.
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