Asset monitoring terminal E series application scenarios-granary management
13 October,2021

Background status:

Food is the foundation of the national economy and an important material guarantee for human survival. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the world's annual loss due to food mildew, insect pests and other reasons is 9% of the total food output. You may think that the figure of 9% is not much, but the total global food production is about 2.7 billion tons, so 9% is 243 million tons. The amount is still very large, which will bring huge economic losses to the country.

Factors affecting food storage safety issues:

1- The temperature and humidity of the granary

The granary can ensure that the stored grain will not deteriorate in a certain period of time. It is mainly necessary to ensure that the temperature and humidity environment in the granary is conducive to grain storage, and the internal temperature and humidity are relatively stable. However, the climate where the granary is located and the environmental ventilation in the granary will cause the temperature and humidity inside the granary to change.

2- A large amount of grain storage, difficult to manage

When there is a problem with the grain stored in the granary, it is difficult to find out in time, and after the granary is stored, if someone robs the granary, it is also difficult to find out in time.

Whether food can be stored safely depends on the temperature and humidity environment in the granary. If you want food to be stored safely for a long time, you must ensure that its internal water content is less than 12%, and the temperature of the granary must remain stable. If the grain is damp, its internal water content increases to more than 20%, the metabolism of the grain is accelerated, and the respiration heat is continuously produced, and the local temperature of the grain will rise, which will cause the appearance of heat and mildew of the grain. Therefore, increase the environmental monitoring of the granary to avoid problems such as excessive water content in the granary.

Equipment: Aovx Communication Cargo Guard E

The program is mainly composed of environmental monitoring terminal equipment containing ST HTS221 series temperature and humidity sensors and TI OPT3001 series light sensors. The device adopts a low-power design and has a long standby time. Technically, it integrates wireless smart sensor data acquisition technology, and the wireless sensor network uses the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The data is packaged and uploaded through the Bluetooth BLE network transmission to the NBIOT communication gateway, so as to ensure that the device can work longer than other devices in the market when it is disconnected from the power source and relies on its own battery.

Solution advantages:

1-Environmental data monitoring of granary storage

The environmental monitoring equipment has a long standby time. The environmental monitoring equipment is installed in different positions in the granary to provide a full-scenario granary monitoring program. While understanding the state of the grain itself, it can monitor the surrounding environment of the granary such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and light. , Water, etc., through the ST HTS221 series temperature and humidity sensor in the equipment, you can get the surrounding temperature and humidity, so as to grasp the environment in the granary.

2-Visualized intelligent cloud background

The data monitored by the environmental monitoring equipment is uploaded to the visualization backend through wireless sensing technology, which is different from the chaotic and incomprehensible data management of most management platforms. The cloud information communication visualization backend strives to be simple and clear, and quickly obtain the information required by customers Rich icons, clear information at a glance. The management adopts the intelligent and fast cloud integration method of platform + hardware. Through the mutual cooperation of cloud, pipe, and end, front-end sensor (data, video and other information) collection makes the management smarter, more transparent, more reliable and efficient. It has also been promoted.

3-Security monitoring

In addition, environmental monitoring equipment can also monitor the security of the granary, such as opening the valve of the granary without permission. Install the device to the door valve of the granary, and record the number of times the granary is opened and closed through the light sensor, so as to monitor whether the grain in the granary has been stolen.

At the same time, Aovx's R&D team can also provide customized solutions. Depending on the location of the granary, the stored food, the storage time and functions, etc., the requirements for the environment are different, and the functions of the equipment are also different. Through customized solutions, we can understand the needs of each granary. It provides customized solutions.

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